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It is Wednesday 18 may that Google has opened its annual conference Google I/O with a presentation of two hours during which the firm of Mountain View has put forward new services and products that will be made available to the public over the next few weeks and the next month. And for the occasion, the company announcements have raked wide for download duo.

Virtual reality to the PDA, through instant applications and messaging intelligent, not to mention Android N and the new hub of the connected home, Google had something to say. And above all, to show things. Even for the techie somewhat informed, or at least aware of the high-tech news, there was what be a little surprised with this inaugural conference.


Forget Google Now. The future at Mountain View firm is called Google Wizard. Noting that queries passed out loud are gaining importance among users, the company has designed a much better personal assistant. It is able to grasp the context of a question, and reconcile multiple successive requests to keep a semblance of a conversation with the user by sending relatively natural responses.

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in addition to the influx of refugees and the threat of Brexit. The Greek debt problem will raise its head again by July, because then a Greece billions of loan repayment. Greece only gets money again from the third rescue package as the country to the reform requirements of the lenders. But the negotiations are at a standstill. Over the weekend leaked via score! hero cheats a conversation between three high IMF negotiators from, where the despair of afdruipt.

For the IMF is the cancellation of at least a part of the Greek public debt is a score! hero hacks.

The conversation would have taken place on 18 March. Poul Thomsen, the Director of the European Department of the IMF, speaks to two close associates his frustrations over the difficult negotiations. Thomsen complains about the Greeks, because who do not want reform. He complains about the European Commission because that too many concessions to the Greeks would like to do and thus the much tougher set up by the IMF. Also the Germans get along, because they are the ‘ score! hero hacks‘ among the EU countries that do not want to talk about debt relief for Greece. For the IMF is the cancellation of at least a part of the Greek public debt is an absolute condition for its participation in the third rescue program.

Thomsen says at one point against Delia Velkouleskou, the main IMF Envoy to Greece, that shot in the negotiations will come as Greece again for bankruptcy. ‘ When it takes a decision to force? In the past, there has been only one moment where decisions fell and that was when they (the Greeks) were about to go bankrupt. ‘ Moments later, he suggests the possibility to blackmail her Chancellor Merkel to agree to debt relief for Greece. The German Parliament agreed in August with the third bail-out for Athens under condition that the IMF would be involved in the rescue program. The Germans have no confidence in the negotiating strategy of the European Commission. The politicians in Brussels want the Greeks much softer treat than Germany and the IMF.

Heavy piqued
The Greek interpretation: the IMF wants the country to bring in big money conscious need to flexibility to force

The Greeks responded heavily piqued on the statements made by the IMF negotiators. The Greek Government read in Thomsen’s words that the IMF wants to bring in big money Greece aware need to force the country to flexibility. Prime Minister Alexis Alexis wrote a letter on Paws to IMF Director Christine Lagarde. The IMF has not formally confirmed the authenticity of the call report, but the response from Lagarde points out that this conversation has indeed taken place. “It is crucial that the Greek authorities take care of an environment that the confidentiality of the internal discussions of the IMF team respects ‘, writes L Sunday to listen to. The German Government has so far not responded to Thomsen’s obvious consideration the Germans soon for the block.

The third includes 86 billion euro rescue package loans to the Greek Government. This couples the 19 European countries (and perhaps the IMF) available in Exchange for economic and political reform. Of this package is transferred last year 26 billion euro. Only when Greece further payments follow the commitments made, and still lacking, according to the IMF and a large number of euro area countries.

iPhone 6s crushes its compettitors.

If you are a regular reader of our tests, you already know that we do not give great importance to the benchmarks of mobile chips (SoC). Nevertheless, the Top 10 of the year 2015 published by apple a few hours ago has not failed to attract our attention. Firstly because it is very definitely the most popular tools to benchmark today. Then, because it is part of the rare applications of this category available both on iOS and Android, since 6.0 version which offers the same measures on the two mobile operating systems. We decided to focus in the lines that follow on the results of 2015 recorded by apple, because they reflect finally to us everything that we have seen for use throughout the year during our tests. Before continuing, a little details the methodology used by the Publisher to establish this classification. Only smartphones experienced 500 benchmarks and more by users are eligible, with an average then made for each model. Furthermore, differences in results between classical versions and ‘More’ iPhone 6 price and 6 s being negligible, it has brought together under the same banner.Price and discounts for iphone will be released in its official website.

Thus, at the time where smartphones mobile chips compete in hearts and power, those of the iPhone seem almost anachronistic. So remember, the Helio X 20 of MediaTek exhibits not less than ten hearts, when the Apple iPhone 6s and 6 s A9 chip more simply of two hearts. Yet it is she who dominates the head and shoulders the classification of AnTuTu, as you could see from the graph above, with an average score of 132 620 points. The second is the Huawei Mate 8, totalling 92 746 points. What makes the best Android by 2015.

More surprising is the Pro 5 Meizu who completed the podium, with 86 214 points. The Chinese manufacturer is therefore managed to do better that the Galaxy notes 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge + with the same chip Samsung Exynos 7420. But the difference between the three is fairly marginal. And we can probably put this slight deviation on the fact that Pro 5 features a Full HD screen, against Quad HD displays for the two monsters from Samsung. So much for the Top 5. Then, we find – not without some surprise – the iPhone 6 / 6 more, released end of 2014 in sixth position. He beat four smartphones Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, OnePlus 2, LeTV 1 Pro, Xiaomi Note Pro and Google Nexus 6 p. The Qualcomm chip is therefore not really at the feast. Although it should be moderate in this regard by the fact that the gap between the tenth and the third is ultimately as 8,000 points.